Scarlett Jane, photo by Richard Olpin, taken at CoCo studios in Nottingham.

Number One.

Not only was this photo I took of Scarlett one of my favourite photos so far this year, this was the #1 most loved image on PurplePort yesterday. That’s the second time in the past couple of weeks I’ve been #1 – I’m pretty happy about that!

A bit of perspective for those of you who don’t frequent the model networking sites, PurplePort is the most popular modelling site in the UK now, with around 25,000 active members, upwards of 2500 images added per day, nearly 2 million images online, with 20,000+ images ‘loved’ each day it’s a big thing to even get on the ‘popular’ list, let alone #1.

I’m not going to lie, to do that twice in a week feels pretty flipping awesome..

Purple Port

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Model: Scarlett Jane