Info about TF shoots..

  • I’m a very easy going chap, and I believe in treating others as I’d like them to treat me.
  • If you want to shoot TF then please bear in mind it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, and it’s only fair that we are both committed to a top quality result. i.e. no timewasters please!
  • If we’re going to do a TF shoot, I’d generally like to meet you first, or at the very least have a chat on the phone.  I think it’s important we at least know we get on *before* we commit to a shoot, and due to a high number of time wasters I now have a policy that I won’t commit to a shoot unless I’ve at least had a telephone conversation with you first.
  • I believe in good communications before and after a shoot. I realise we’re all busy at times, but I don’t believe anyone is too busy to send a quick ‘got your message, v. busy, will reply soon’
  • I respect your right to feel safe and confident with who you work with. As such I’m very happy to provide my full contact details, and you can check me out on all the usual places. If we’re going to organise something then I do expect you do do the same. And yes – I do expect you do tell me your real name.
  • I can assure you I will respect your privacy at all times, and won’t abuse your trust by phoning or contacting you at inappropriate times, or for anything unrelated to our planned shoot.
  • You’ll also note in my ‘day job’ I work with children, young people and adults of all ages. I’m often employed by schools, youth groups and even the police so obviously I have a current enhanced CRB check etc. too
  • I have teaching commitments three evenings per week, but otherwise my time is very flexible, seven days a week.
  • I don’t have a studio myself, though for certain shoots we can usually shoot at my house, or yours.
  • I have access to several local studios available at excellent rates and happy to share hire costs if needed.
  • I live in Dursley, Gloucestershire. About half way between Gloucester and Bristol, 10 mins from the M5
  • I’m happy to pick you up from a local train or coach station. Cam and Dursley is 5 mins from here, Stonehouse is best for Londoners, otherwise Stroud, Gloucester or Bristol Parkway
  • I’m happy to travel for a shoot
  • I consider travel expenses to be a personal expense, I’ll cover mine, I’d expect you do cover yours.
  • I consider hair/makeup/clothes/styling etc. to be the model’s personal expenses, just as my photography equipment is mine. I don’t expect you to pay for my lenses, so I don’t expect to pay for your makeup!
  • Should we incur any shared expenses directly related to the shoot then these will be shared equally, i.e. studio hire, special props etc..
  • Please remember, that the shoot itself is only the beginning. I often have a lot of editing to do after we finish shooting.
  • I will endeavour to show you some sample images to you within a few of days of the shoot so you can get an idea how the shoot worked out, I’ll usually upload them to Dropbox but bear in mind these will not be fully edited and therefore these images must NOT be posted publicly under any circumstances.
  • If time permits I’ll usually edit one favourite image ASAP so we can post it on social media etc.
  • I will use my discretion to select the best images from the shoot.  There’s little point in sending you images with technical flaws or any which I don’t like enough to edit.
  • I never send every image from the shoot,  there will always be technical issues perhaps with lighting or focus, some of the images will have been ‘test shots’ for setting up. For any given setup/pose I may shoot multiple frames as spares. and there will always be some I just don’t like. It’s quite possible that the final set will only be a few of the images actually taken.
  • I will never supply RAW or un-edited images from the shoot as obviously my editing style is a very personal thing, and presumably that is one of the reasons you’ve chosen to work with me in the first place.  You must not alter or re-edit any final images under any circumstances. This includes things like Instagram filters.  I will supply final images sized correctly for online portfolios and social media etc.
  • Number of images: My goal is to supply about one image per 20 mins of shooting time (i.e. for a 2 hour shoot, 6-8 fully edited images). For a 4 hour shoot about 10-12 fully edited images.
  • I will aim to complete the final edits within a couple of weeks, but if I’m very busy with paying work it may take longer. During the summer months when I’m very busy with teaching commitments it can extend to a month or more. One thing I will always do though is keep you informed.
  • I always have an estimate of my current edit queue time on here and my Purple Port profile. Please be aware of this before we shoot.
  • I retain the full copyright to all my images, regardless of the nature of the shoot.
  • I expect you to familiarise yourself with how copyright works, and to understand that in law copyright automatically exists with the photographer. If you want to read up on this, please look here:
  • I will provide you with images sized for online use on social networking sites / model portfolios etc.  These will feature a subtle copyright watermark, and I do expect to be properly credited wherever they are used. If used on a site where I have a profile you should tag me in the image, otherwise the description must include ‘Image ©’
  • You may not upload any images other than ones I supply directly to you as final images. i.e. Never upload preview images and please do not download images from this site, Facebook, Purple Port etc and re-upload them. This often results in a dramatic reduction in quality and the removal of metadata, it’s also an infringement of copyright which could get you banned from those sites!
  • If we shoot TF then you’re free to use the images for any promotional use in your portfolio etc. providing they are not altered in any way and I am properly credited.
  • You must not edit the images in any way, including cropping etc.  If you need them in a different format or would like to try a different editing style please discuss that with me.
  • If you require prints I can get those done for you, and I would prefer to do this to ensure the quality is maintained.
  • I do not supply full resolution images as a rule. Should there be a need for high resolution images for publication etc. this must be referred to me with details of the required use and I will then deal with the publication directly and supply an appropriate image license.
  • Whilst we shoot TF on the assumption that the images are for personal/promotional use only, it’s always possible that a third party may enquire about commercial use or licensing of the images.  Any such enquiries should always be directed back to me first (after all, it is only the copyright holder that can make any kind of sales or licensing agreement)
  • Should there be such an opportunity to use the images commercially at a later date then I would of course only do so if we were both in agreement to do so, but I’m quite open to discussing an appropriate license arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions..

TF or ‘time for..’ is a collaboration between a photographer / model / make-up artist / designer / stylist etc.

There’s a more detailed explanation on this page:

The first thing to remember is that TF is not a ‘free’ shoot, so it should be mutually beneficial.  So a decision to offer a TF shoot depends on a number of factors:

  • How much prior experience you have
  • Do you have an interesting ‘look’ which would benefit my portfolio?
  • Have you got an interesting idea for a collaboration?

The one thing I’ll always say is, don’t be shy, I’m a very approachable chap and I’ll always be happy to hear from you. The worst that can happen is I may have to decline, but even then I’ll always be nice about it!

Even if we can’t shoot TF, I do offer ‘portfolio builder’ shoots for new/aspiring models. Please contact me for more details.

No, of course not!

If I agree to shoot TF with you then we’ll shoot whatever level you’re comfortable shooting at, whether it’s fashion/portrait/boudoir/lingerie/nude etc. is entirely up to you.  We’ll have a proper conversation before we arrange the shoot and discuss what’s going to work for both of us.

Talk to any model that’s worked with me before and they’ll tell you I’m very easy going, I’ll never push levels, and I’m very protective of those I work with. Hey, I’ve worked as a bodyguard for years, it’s in my nature to look after you properly!

Cool.  As you can see from my portfolio I’m very happy shooting models who are comfortable in their own skin.

As a general rule though, I’ll only shoot lingerie and nude with a model I know already, or at least one I know has shot that level previously.  Otherwise I’d generally suggest we meet for an informal test shoot with your clothes first :-)

Suffice to say, you must be over 18 to shoot anything of this nature and I will require a copy of a photo ID to prove that you are over 18 at the time the images are taken.

As a general rule I do not want any people on ‘set’ that are not directly involved in the shoot.

Unless they are directly involved (i.e stylist/MUA or lighting assistant) they tend to be an unwanted distraction and it’s important to me that I have the model’s full attention and we have the chance to build a creative rapport.

The only exception to this would be if I were (rarely) shooting a model under the age of 18, or someone with specific medical needs.


If you feel the need to have a friend/chaperone with you on a shoot for your ‘protection’ then I’m probably not your guy.  My images, references and testimonials speak for themselves. You are welcome to seek references from anyone who has worked with me at any time, and indeed I encourage you to contact them directly via one of the networking sites such as PurplePort.

If you don’t trust me, I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to work together.

Plus, in my other role as a martial arts coach I’ve taught students of all ages for over 20 years and have all the appropriate CRB/DBS checks to prove it.  I’m trusted by parents, schools, the local education authority, I have even worked with the Police on a number of occasions.  If that’s not enough then for you to feel comfortable then respectfully I’d have to decline.

I’m assuming if you’re here you probably understand the basics of what TF means, but if you’re not 100% please read the info here first. Really, it’s important.

Implied Agreement

Please note. I generally only shoot TF with people I know already, so the need to a written agreement is minimal.

That being said, I always direct potential models to read this page and therefore assume that you understand and agree with these terms.

p.s. If you’ve come here from a networking site, you may want to know that my cat’s name is ‘Mischief

Current editing time 3-4 weeks