Copyright and Image Licensing

All images are Copyright © Richard Olpin
All rights reserved.

Permission to use any of my images in any form of publication, whether printed or electronic must be approved in writing prior to publication. 

In some cases, such as where preview images are supplied prior to publication, a provisional license may be included with the supplied image(s).

All Images are sold or licensed on a rights-managed basis.

This means you are only licenced to use the images within the specified context described in the Image Licence which we supply to you.  Any use outside these specific terms will be deemed unauthorised use.

A licence to use does not confer any transfer of copyright or ownership.


“I Richard Olpin assert my moral right to be identified as the author of all photographs.”

Unless explicitly agreed in writing, I must be credited fully wherever my photographs are used, and if used online with a link to this site.

i.e. Image Copyright © 2015 Richard Olpin.

If possible, as a courtesy, the licensee will also provide a link to this website: 

Publication of my images in any form, whether in print, electronic or online will be deemed as full acceptance of my Terms and Conditions (available on request)

Unauthorised use:

I take the unauthorised use of my images very seriously.

Unauthorised use of my images in any context will incur a penalty charge, which will be at least 2x my usual publication rates, plus additional fees at my standard hourly rate to cover any administration time spent dealing with unauthorised use or chasing payment.

A full schedule of my standard fees is available on request.