Eric M. –  Masterclass Graduate

Having been a keen amateur photographer for years I thought I knew a fair bit already so I was initially quite sceptical when my wife presented me with a gift voucher for a training day with Richard. I think she was getting fed up with me moping around at home since retiring and just wanted to get me out of the house!

I’m so glad she did, as within just a few hours on my first day out with Richard he opened my eyes to how much more there was to learn. The photos I took on that first day out were better than anything I’d taken in over 40 years as a ‘snapper’.

I knew right away that I wanted to have some regular lessons and decided to enrol in Richard’s ‘Masterclass’ course which I’ve been working on now for around 8 months. I’m amazed to think that in such a short time I’m now getting ready to apply for a Royal Society award.

I cannot commend Richard highly enough. He is an excellent photographer with the rare gift of truly understanding his craft and being able to communicate it effectively, even to an old curmudgeon like me!

Gay Gilmour“Hi Richard, I had a really inspiring educational day out and about with you yesterday. It has boosted my photographic confidence, taught me a lot and I can’t wait to continue further.”

“Thanks for all your expertise, encouragement and patience”

“Each day has not only been fun but has given me more confidence in handling my camera”

“It all started with one training day and I knew I would need another but after my fifth day I realise.. You have made me completely obsessed with photography!!”

– Gay Gilmour

Thanks for the one-to-one training that we did. Although I’ve been around photography a while I decided to do a one-to-one training session after recently purchasing my first DSLR.

I really enjoyed the training I received. Crucially you listened to me and understood my experience and aspirations immediately and then tailored the training toward that. I can’t express how important that was in making me feel valued and that I’m getting the most out of the training. Your passion about photography energised me throughout the day and still does now.

You clearly showed me technical aspects of photography and my camera in a way that I would understand. You also set me fun and challenging exercises to enhance the things you were teaching me.

I think we went over our agreed end time while you continued to show me some post processing techniques. I came away from our training with greater understanding, creatively inspired and proud of the shots I took. So much so that a couple of weeks later when walking to work I saw a scene on Bristol docs that to me begged to me shot. But I didn’t have my camera on me all I had was my phone. I had you words echoing in my ears ‘sometimes you don’t have time to set up you just got to get the shot with what you got’. Previously I would have walked on by, but this time without any prep I took several shots on my phone. Now, although they didn’t come out fantastic they caught the mood of the moment that I was looking for and a few days later my photograph was published as Picture of The day in the local paper. I’m a published photographer! LOL

– Thanks Richard!

Julia and Kate

Just a quick thank-you for a brilliant day yesterday.

Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed the training day, in spite of the cold weather. We both learnt an incredible amount, you are a very good and patient teacher. We both felt much more confident to use our cameras, and to see what you can achieve with a relatively short amount of time and a bit of editing, we were amazed!

“Spent an absolutely amazing work experience with Rich, we spent the week covering as many elements of photography as we could – despite the awful weather of this years so called summer .

This week taught me more of the practical and technical side of photography, than my whole first year at A-level. If you’re passionate about photography and wish to develop them further Rich is an awesome teacher and has really inspired me to try out new ideas.He explains things in great detail as well as giving you visual examples to help your understanding.

The week allowed me to practice my photography skills and in a variety of different settings and types of photography.

I got some amazing results from some street photography around Bristol , natural portrait shoot, Bristol zoo , and some black and white shots of the old severn bridge. I also learnt various editing skills in different software packages so as i could improve my photos after I had taken them.

To anyone who would love to progress their skills with amazing photographic settings and opportunities I really recommend booking up some lessons with Rich. I guarantee you will see a massive difference in your abilities.”
Alana Greenaway

Thank you, Richard for my training day.

It was a really enjoyable, not to mention informative day. At last, I know what those numbers mean on the display and have a good idea how to use some of the controls.

The day was quite inspirational and that, mixed with your patience and clear explanations, have really encouraged me to take my photography further.

Thanks once again from a compete beginner with a new found confidence.

– Suzanne Boston

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