If you are interested in using any of my images for commercial use in any form then you will require an image licence

All images taken by Richard Olpin Photography are licensed as rights-managed. What this means is that fees are determined by the usage, not by the size of a file. Small use, smaller fee, large use, larger fee. Unlike other licensing schemes with a set fee, you only pay for what you need. Because usage history is known for each image, only rights-managed licensing allows for exclusivity provisions for those times you need to be sure the same image will not appear in a competitor’s products or advertising campaign.

The primary factor that determines the fee is the ‘exposure’ the image will receive. In other words, how big, how often, for how long and by how many people will the photo be seen. For example, a photo used inside a national monthly magazine has less ‘exposure’ than the same photo used on the cover. This would be less ‘exposure’ than when used on the home page of a large international corporation’s web site for one year.

Other factors that affect the licensing fee are the type of usage itself (editorial, corporate, advertising, retail product) as well as any exclusivity required (i.e., a calendar publisher would not want the same photo to appear in competitor’s calendars in the same year.)

To get a license fee price quote for your intended usage, use the Image Licence Request Form, completing the “How Will The Photos Be Used” section.

Or contact me directly with the following information:

  • Use (book, brochure, web site, packaging, advertisement, trade show…)
  • Size & placement (inside 1/2 page, cover, web home page…)
  • Print run and/or length of time of usage.
  • Any exclusivity you require.

Minimum image licensing fee is £50.  Most uses typically run £100 to £500 although fees could be considerably more for unlimited worldwide usage.

Copyright Information

All images Copyright © Richard Olpin. All rights reserved.

 Permission to use any of my images in any form of publication, whether printed or electronic must be approved in writing prior to publication.

These images are not Royalty Free. All Images are sold on a rights-managed basis. This means you are only licenced to use the images within the specified context described in the Image Licence which we supply to you.

A licence to use does not confer any transfer of copyright or ownership.

I Richard Olpin assert my moral right to be identified as the author of all photographs.

Publication of my images in any form will be deemed as full acceptance of my Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Unauthorised use:

Unauthorised use of my images in any context will incur a penalty charge of at least 2x the normal rates.

I reserve the right to charge an hourly rate for any time I have to spend chasing payment.

UK Copyright Law fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.