The downside of getting noticed..

There’s an unfortunate downside to mentioning my forum anywhere on the net, I seem to be attracting the wrong type of attention because I’ve recently been seeing a dramatic increase in the number of attempted spam registrations.  At present it’s in excess of 30 attempted registrations per day.  Even with the obvious ‘are you a human’ type questions and captcha codes they still keep coming so for now at least I’ve had to take the same precautions as other forums I admin and banned registrations from free/disposable email addresses such as gmail and hotmail.

I realise that many people do use one of these addresses as their primary email and so it may be a little inconvenient for some people but rest assured if you’re not actually a dirty spammer and you’d like to join the forum we’d love to have you on board, but please just send me a message via the contact page first with your name and email address and I’ll add you manually and override the email block for your address.

Sorry for any minor inconvenience that might cause, I’m afraid it’s the only way to deal with it at the moment.