Decision made, time to put myself on the spot again..

About five years ago I submitted a panel of images to the Royal Photographic Society to be assessed for a ‘distinction’ from the Society.  I was successful in my submission, and that entitled me to use the letters ‘LRPS’ after my name as a ‘Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society’.

For the past few years my students and colleagues in the society have been asking when I was going to submit for another (higher) distinction, and as I’ve successfully mentored a number of my students through the LRPS it seems only right that I should consider the next level myself. Therefore, I have decided to apply for an Associate level distinction, the ARPS.

The assessment panel for these only sit twice per year, in April and September, so realistically my next opportunity to have my work assessed will be next April, so that’s my plan.  In the meantime I’m going to observe the next assessment  in a couple of weeks to see what the current standard is like, and crack on with my conceptual project aimed specifically for this.

More details on this page, which I’ll update as I go along..

RPS Workshops / Committee matters

A quick update about my role in the local region of the Royal Photographic Society..

Following a very successful series of workshops I helped to run at the RPS HQ last autumn, I will be presenting three more at the RPS in the spring on the topics of digital workflow and editing with Lightroom and Photoshop.

I’ve also accepted a position on the committee of the RPS Western Region, which is the societies largest chapter with some 800-odd active members.  My role will primarily be concerned with education and training, but I’ll also be dealing with the region’s membership database, mailing list and newsletters etc.

Talking of newsletters, I’ll be sending out a new year update myself very soon with preliminary details of some travel and training events for this year so keep an eye on your inbox!

More Than Human (Tim Flach)

I’m rather looking forward to the first Royal Photographic Society meeting of the year tomorrow as we have a guest speaker who’s work I really admire.

Tim Flach is a great wildlife photographer with a rather unique style

The one thing I will say, is that his website is rather out of date, relying rather heavily on outdated technology such as Flash, and the news hasn’t actually been updated since 2012, but don’t let that put you off. I Highly recommend his latest book ‘More Than Human’ (The image on the right is a link to buy it from Amazon)