The Advent Calendar Challenge

If you’ve never tried a ‘pic a day’ type challenge, here’s an ideal way to get started before you try a whole ‘365’..

Over on my forum we’re planning to do a little ‘Advent Calendar’ project to take a photo each day through December.

It’s really simple to get involved, all you need to do is take, and post one picture each day!  Starting Thursday 1st December, take at least one photo every day. It doesn’t matter what you shoot on, so no excuses because you’ve not got an SLR with you. Compact or camera phone is fine. Just try to find one interesting photo each day. Subject, composition and timing are the most important things. Make a thread on the forum in this projects section and call it something like ‘Rich’s Advent Calendar’ then post up your best photo from each day right up till xmas. Try to stick to one you’ve actually taken that day unless you’re *really* stuck as the whole point is to get you looking for potential shots and taking more photos so no digging through the archives!