Here’s one of those days that worked out better than expected..

I’d planned a bit of an epic shoot today with my friend Penny and a male model she’d arranged from PurplePort.  We were going to do a kind of post-apocalyptic road warrior style thing. Unfortunately the model flaked on us late last night, so I put something up on Facebook and thankfully my good friend, the legend that is Paul Walker stepped in at the last minute (i.e. early hours of this morning) to help us out.

One quick planning phone call this morning to suss out what we had between us in the way of props and we managed to conjure up a bit of a post-apocalyptic bounty hunter type dude..

I’ve not had a chance to do any proper editing yet, but here’s a quickie teaser of what we got up to.

Techy stuff for those interested:

These were actually shot in daylight, about 5:00pm this afternoon.
Smoke was provided by proper pyrotechnic smoke grenades as used on airsoft/paintball sites.

The shot was exposed about two stops under ambient for the dark background
I used one of my small speedlights about waist height behind Paul for the backlight
Godox Witstro AD360 camera left, standard reflector about 6 ft left, 2ft in front of Paul for the key light