Here’s another one of those ‘stop complaining about your lack of kit / studio etc.’ posts.

Yesterday I did a shoot with my lovely model friend Izabela at her home. Now for what we were shooting we set up a simple white backdrop and a single light and the results were great.  However, we had an MUA with us so wanted a couple of headshots for her portfolio where I wanted something a little more interesting than a plain white wall, so, what to do?

This first pic shows the ‘studio’.  Nothing more than a typical dining room, not a lot of room and the wallpaper doesn’t make for the most interesting background, but see the picture on the wall?

Hmm, cue the long lens and a little perspective shift et voila!

And above we have the end result, straight out of camera, just a resize and watermark added..

Model: Izabela

Hair/MUA: Christelle Pelleceur